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Kh Telegram is eCommerce services, catered to both small and large enterprises in Cambodia.

Telegram allows the integration of bots, which are automated accounts that can perform various tasks. Bots can provide news updates, weather information, language translations, games, and much more. They can be created by developers or accessed through third-party bot platforms.

100 % No Hidden fee | Pay & Go

Create a Telegram bot can showcase your product catalog, including product images, descriptions, prices, and availability.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enable users to place orders through the drect shop Telegram bot.

Telegram Order Tracking and Notifications

Enable users to place orders through the Telegram bot & Order Tracking and Notifications.

Security and Privacy

Telegram emphasizes privacy and security. It offers end-to-end encryption for secret chats, allows users.

Instant Customer Support

Encourage customers to leave feedback and reviews for products through the Telegram bot.

Shipping and Delivery

Integrate a secure payment gateway within the bot to facilitate online transactions

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